After breakfast, depart from the hotel to one of the village nearby to interact with children who will help you to learn more about Rwandan culture, learn basic lesson of Kinyarwanda words with them. The journey takes 2 hours .


Depart from your lodge walking on foot by visiting villages near the volcanoes national park or elsewhere taking photos freely, homes tour(visiting people from their homes),local food preparation(from lighting a fire until food is completely prepared),traditional music instruments :zither playing(Inanga),music bow(umuduri), Lamellophone(Ikembe),one stringed-fiddle, weaving experience, traditional dance+Intore, grinding sorghum and wheat using a grinding stone . It is an amazing and very adventurous experience, as you will see how the Rwandese live in their villages and homes. The short walk on foot takes roughly 3.5 hours and the longer one takes around 5.5 hours or more depending on guests' preference or your physical fitness.


Depart from the lodge at anytime of the day for visiting nearby schools, Nursery, primary, and secondary schools. You will gain an understanding of the Rwandese education system; the walk on foot takes 3 hours for both primary and secondary schools visit.


Depart from the hotel to visit local communities of formerly marginalized people who lived in the forest for many years. You will learn more about these people's livelihood in the forest through their beautiful stories, dances and songs. As these people relied on bush meat through poaching, they will also present traditional materials they were using to trap animals, which was the only source of getting food in the forest. This package includes the community charges and a local guide. Any money you pay for the above specified walks benefits local people 40% and 60% goes to the developments of the company and a token of appreciation to the staff. This walk takes about 25 minutes each way to drive from any nearby lodge around the volcanoes and the entertainment lasts 2 hours.


Depart from the lodge 7:30am with demonstration of making, you will get to know how it is made and its taste if you want and enjoy the interaction with people involved. It takes 2.5hours.


Depart from the lodge anytime of the day Stay overnight with friendly local families, share local food with them, see lifestyle, participating in their daily activities and listen to their stories and more.


Depart from the hotel at anytime of the day going to support any of poor families for those who would like to help the community in any way are most welcome.


Depart from the lodge at 07:30 a.m to enjoy the beautiful sceneries, landscapes and seeing the community members in their daily routines. You will decide time according to your fitness.


Depart from the hotel at anytime of the day before 3pm to participate in this activity of basket and traditional mats weaving with women cooperatives as another way of supporting the community based tourism, the walk takes 4 hours.


Depart from the hotel at anytime of the day before 3pm to experience beekeeping; this project is very important in generating income to the community and useful to local people because it cures a huge number of diseases. During this walk you will get to know how honey is produced from the making of beehive until the collection of fresh honey. This takes 3 hours.


Depart from the lodge to the bricks laying site. Many houses in Rwandan towns are constructed by bricks. We help our guests to see how bricks are made from the mixture of pure clay soil with water until bricks are ready after they have passed under a flame in burning room.


Depart from the hotel to the village where they have young cows (calves). Those who like to learn how local people milk their cows and get butter from milk are welcome in a local family to see this amazing experience! You will participate in the activity while taking pictures. This walk takes 2 hours on foot.


Depart from the Lodge to the cultural center situated near the park's headquarters, giving you the opportunity to have be introduced to the traditions of Rwandan people, with exhibitions, visits to a traditional house similar to ones used to be hosting the former kings of Rwanda watch cultural performances. The centre brings you to know the original artisans at work in the area near Kinigi centre who still imitate the same activities and traditional works as their ancestors .Always trained guides will escort you along the trail and provide you lots of explanations about the traditional and present life in the volcanoes area. This walk takes1 hour and a half drive to and from Musanze town. You can freely take pictures.


Depart from the hotel in the morning after breakfast to the remote village to visit local markets, you will see the beautiful local hills, landscapes, scenery and walk through the rural market to experience what the local people grow in their fields. You will take pictures freely. This walk takes 5 hours including walking through the market and driving.


Depart from the hotel at anytime of the day before 3pm to botanical gardens full of different species of traditional medicines that we used to cure different diseases in the past until now, and then after we shall visit one of traditional pharmacy where we can get a chance to talk to people who have come for treatment. You will get further information of Rwandese traditional healing and it will take about 5hours.


Depart from the lodge to visit some of the community projects that generate money to the local people, you will learn how locals unite in cooperatives as a key for poverty reduction.


Depart from the lodge to the villages around the volcanoes to participate in Irish potato farming from mixing the soil to grow them until they are completely ready to be eaten as one of the main food for the people who live alongside the volcanoes. You will participate in cultivating with hoes, harvesting potatoes, and preparing meal and the walk takes 5hours.


CYIMBILI COFFEE TOUR, depart from the beach in the morning to Cyimbili, along the way the guests enjoy outstanding view of lake Kivu,beautiful landscape of Congo Nile trail, bird watching(by boat) and Rwandan coffee.VOA guide will take tourists to learn how the coffee is nursed, planted, harvested, sorted, dried, roasted and cooked until you can taste coffee your preference, Weak, Medium or strong with fresh milk aside. As the Association has the aim of benefiting local communities, it is in this framework that the money we charge 60% goes directly to the coffee growers. This trip starts from one of the beautiful shore of Lake Kivu which allows the tourists to enjoy the boat ride while heading for the adjacent shore to experiment the famous Cyimbili coffee.

This tour can be done by boat or by car. By boat ride, it takes 2.5 hours each way while when the guests prefer to go by car, it takes 1.5 hours drive.


Day19: TWIN LAKES(Burera and Ruhondo) TOUR

Depart from the lodge in the morning after breakfast to BULERA And Ruhondo lakes to enjoy a fantastic nature walk around the lake, Bird watching, Boat cruise ,fishing ,outstanding view of 5 volcanoes.

On its long list of innovations in tourism, V.O.A introduces a unique and a memorable experience in twin lakes: THE SUNDOWNER CRUISE.

This tourism of innovation by VOA allows the tourists to enjoy the beauty of the twin lakes in the afternoon hours after visiting the famous mountain gorillas or any park activities.

The amateur of Sun downer cruise will enjoy the long hours stay in the middle of the twin lakes of the North Rwanda. These lakes being free of dangerous animals such as hippos, Crocodiles ... V.O.A offers a great experience for tourists to enjoy the sunset by taking photos, the best view on 5 volcanoes, relax on the boat, enjoying the landscapes and beautiful scenery surrounding the lakes, bird watching, fishing ...

Along this tour the guests get to enjoy some local beers, imported wines, soft drinks and bites/snacks. This tour is highly recommended to honeymooners! Our qualified guide will arrange the sequence of the spectacular stopovers. About the safety our boat is insured, it has an engine, it is well covered and the rain cannot impend our tour; the guests are required to put on the life jackets. Again, it is worth to note that the twin lakes waters are flat no waves as they are surrounded by hills.



Depart from the lodge in the morning after breakfast for local hills hiking, the hike starts from Rusenge centre and leads you to the top of the hill. On your hike you will have a panoramic view of beautiful volcanoes, landscapes, twin lakes (Ruhondo and Burera) interactions with kids at their schools, people who are doing their daily activities like brickslaying and farming. Estimated time for the hike is 4-7 hours and this walk starts at 08:00am.


Congo Nile Trail, the longest trail in the country of thousand hills with 227 kilometres gives tourists an ever experienced trip which offer the opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable breathe of natural fresh and clean air, interaction with the inhabitants all along its length, and even involve in their day and night activities. This trail is not only designated to provide tourists with enjoyment through discovering the beauty of thousand hills of Rwanda but also through educating, recreating and promoting the physical fitness. You can enjoy this trail by using one of these three ways: using 4X4 type of car, cycling as well as hiking.

V.O.A. accompanies the visitors by making all tour arrangements with local inhabitant all along the trail, the prerequisite for maximization of tourists enjoyment of local people activities mostly based on agriculture, real Rwandan community living style, beauty of Rwandan landscapes, panoramic view of Kivu lake, discover and involve in water activities such as swimming, fishing, boating and the local lakesides markets and towns, photo taking, home stay and local entertainments, storytelling around the fire, camping, tasting local cuisine, participation in local food preparation, learning Kinyarwanda basic words to mention but few.

Another point to consider is that, the package includes guide, porter, backup car, first aid kit, cooking service.


Depart from the hotel after breakfast drive or walk on foot to the remote village to experience the traditional wedding ceremony from the choice of the the wife to be(Kuranga ndetse no kurambagiza) until the final stage of the traditional wedding(Gutwikurura).Tourists will participate in ceremony, taking pictures freely, tasting the local beer and food(optinal).The charges for this experience will depend on number of tourists.



Depart from the hotel at any time before 2p.m to the local community nearby the hotel, tourists will participate in the Umuganura party, enjoy the real cultural entertainments,( Traditional dance, Drumming, Zither playing, two stringed fiddles, musical bow, lamellophone…),taking pictures freely, interaction with local people their villages while sharing freshly made local food and local beers. The charges for this experience will depend on number of tourists.


Leave the hotel at 6a.m,drive to Rugezi swamp one of the important birding areas in Rwanda, after 4ominutes from the hotel in Musanze/Ruhengeri we leave the tarmac road and drive about 80km,enjoy outstanding view on 5Volcanoes the home of mountain gorillas, beautiful scenery and land landscapes in the rural settings, enjoy the the panoramic view on twin lakes, stopover at Ruhondo lake swamp for bird watching, continue the road to Rugezi swamp, stopover at Rwerere village to have lunch and extend our tour closer to the swamp for the afternoon bird watching. After bird watching drive back to Musanze. End of service


Depart from the Hotel at 7:00am (any hotel in Musanze) we drive for 30minutes to Gahunga center where biking starts, take the road to Ntaruka hydro-power plant about 7km from the road to CYANIKA Border. Stop over at Ruhondo lake for taking pictures of 5volcanoes,Lake,beautiful scenery and landscapes, continue to the road to Burera district, stop over at Paladise Resto-bar for break and snacks, extend the tour to Rwerere village while enjoying the beautiful hills in your surroundings, local people doing their daily activities in the fields,riding through the local centers, enjoy the magnificent view of Rugezi Swamp and Burera lake, stopover at Rugezi waterfall, continue biking to Kidaho stop over and end of biking. 

 This tour takes about 6hours to cover about 80km biking in the villages.